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ReDiscover YOU!

LIVE Retreat on Sacred Lake Superior


Yes, TARA! Notify me of your next upcoming retreat!

Retreats are the BEST to create major transformation!

Sometimes you just have to get away to get that new perspective, to find that long- awaited breakthrough clarity and most importantly, to get back to YOU again!

Get away from it all and make time for you, and Live a Life You Love!


For Smart, Spirited Women

Rise Higher & Love Life

Join us at this magical place for spiritual growth and personal expansion. 

You will leave with:

  • Connection to your Authentic Self
  • A Release from from old wounds so you can Heal to Rise
  • Rejuvenated Vitality Balanced with Inner Calm
  • Bonds with Amazing Like-Minded Women


The Wild Rice Retreat Center is truly an amazing location with sacred natural beauty, dialed in with 5-star accommodations, views and cuisine. Enjoy the incredible sauna room, great views of Lake Superior from the yoga deck and hiking trails galore.


Joining one of our live retreats will change your life forever! 

Transformation Business & Life Coach Tara Nolan has guided hundreds of women to tune into their purpose and rise to their higher potential by releasing painful blocks (almost always unknown).

You deserve a life of...

- calm and confidence

- purpose and passion

- freedom and fun

When a group of women get together for the single intention of helping one another to RISE...MAGIC HAPPENS!

But don’t just take our word for it… 


I got some things I can use immediately - for both business and my life.

Don’t wait! Because if you wait, you are just putting your life on hold.

What are you waiting for?

Nothing is more powerful than assembling with like-minded individuals on a path towards growth, passion and prosperity.

Act now to join this guided retreat for smart, high-achieving women who are ready to listen to their soul calling, rise higher and connect to their truth - so they can find deeper meaning, fulfillment and love in this life!


If you have questions on the event, please feel free to contact us at:

Email: [email protected]

Text: 715-904-0870