Peace - Passion - Prosperity

Sedona Transformation Retreat: Nov 17-19, 2021


Miracles happen in Sedona!

The sacred forces of nature have a profound effect on the work we do. I see this all the time -- Attendees open up their minds to new possibilities they couldn’t have imagined otherwise.

Using the tools of yoga, meditation, life coaching and business coaching, Tara Nolan will guide you to transform your life to connect with your Soul Calling.

You will leave with a clear plan to find more Peace, Passion and Prosperity in your life!

From Tara:

"I always choose locations with a powerful Vortex.

I was in Sedona when I rediscovered Spirit, 15 years ago. I was spiritually suffering, but didn’t know it. I was hiking in the amazing red rock canyons with a small group of people and experienced one of those magical moments.

I was looking up, searching, thinking, hoping for a sign. Immediately, the clouds parted, and the sun shone on this gorgeous peak known as a sacred sculptured peak called the Kachina Woman. She was speaking to me.

It was one of those moments where you just say, “Holy $#*!” Because you GET IT!

Something shifted in me. Ever since, I saw the magic in the world and I knew it was accessible to me, if I just opened up to receiving int. 

This was the beginning of my soul waking up and setting me on a course that would lead to me quitting my corporate lucrative job, to travel the world, discover myself on a deeper level and share yoga and transformation work with others. 

Join ME in Sedona and see what's waiting for you to discover! 



P.S. My promise to you - You will experience:

  • Rejuvenation - Relax and Reconnect with your Soul Calling
  • Inspiration - Intimate Discussions and support as we focus on YOUR version of Success 
  • Balance- Yoga, Meditation, Hiking, and Holistic Business Coaching in the Beauty & Power of Nature
  • Holistic Business - Private workshop opportunities with Tara to get clear on your next steps 

"Sedona is one of the most magical and powerful places I’ve ever visited and NO ONE will leave this retreat without feeling transformed." - Tara 

Regular Price: $2000


ACT NOW for $595 



"It is absolutely something that can change your life. After attending several events with Tara, time and again, I watch women’s lives being transformed into their dream lives, which they never thought was possible. Even if you don’t think you need anything, you may be surprised at what you get."

- Carmen

"It was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. I didn’t know there were underlying causes holding me back, which I have had my whole life."

- Maria

"You can change your whole perspective and your whole outlook in such a short time. I don’t think Tara even knows what gift she has."

- Andrea

"I felt stuck when I got here. Now I lifted a major block that was preventing me from moving forward. Tara took me step by step through the process and I am no longer stuck."

- Beth

"I got some things I can use immediately - for both business and my life."

- Paula

"My most important goal in coming was to find career success. What I really came to realize was that I am enough and I want to learn to love myself."

- Lindsay

"I would recommend Tara because she really looks at the holistic approach of wellness. When all parts of your life come into a peaceful synchronicity, then there is no limit."

- Sara Jo

"The biggest take away is that I can do what I want, and I can give myself what I need. I absolutely recommend that anyone who wants a change in their life go through this program with Tara."

- Casey

"Don’t wait! Because if you wait, you are just putting your life on hold."

- Renee

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