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If I were to tell you my best secret…I can honestly say that I always choose to celebrate my life and appreciate what I DO have. It’s not always easy, but I remind myself to focus on what is working, rather than what isn’t working. 

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With fifteen years in Corporate Management / Top Sales Performance, and another decade as a world-traveling yogini leading Transformation retreats, Tara combines her experience in corporate business, cultural awareness, yoga and spiritual study to take a holistic approach to modern business.
Tara guides high achievers to define success on their own terms, rising with ease and flow, not stress and struggle. Clients reach new levels they would not have imagined possible, while simultaneously improving relationships, physical well-being, happiness levels & overall fulfillment. 
She has become savvy as an online business strategist, assisting entrepreneurs to not only attract clients, but also implement automation. Her suggestions allow the business to scale, while creating freedom in their personal life.
Whether you want to let go of old pain and find your purpose, create a prosperous soul-calling business, or scale your current profession, Tara dedicates her heart and soul to helping you find what you're looking for.
After traveling over six continents and 25 countries solo, and navigating her path through loss, pain, abuse, love, career change and single motherhood, Tara has found her gift in guiding others to step into their power and create their ideal life. 
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"Life is an adventure, not to be missed, even for a moment. Be a rebel and live life the way you truly want to live, according to your rules. Now, that’s freedom!" – Tara Nolan